“Their highly successful effort to create a unique botanical garden, or botanical ark... will help to save, understand, and appreciate the wonderful beauty of the rain forests. They have demonstrated an unavoidable truth - that each of us has a choice, and that each can make a difference."

Dr Peter Raven, Eminent Scientist for National Geographic and Former Director of Missouri Botanic Garden

“It is likely they will go down in history for their mammoth botanical contributions".

The Sunday Mail 

Heaven On Earth (in Australia) 

Stroh Family Blog

“While most of us salve our environmental conscience by recycling the rubbish and sending a cheque to Greenpeace every now and then, the Carles attack the problem with inspiring practicality”

Sunday Life

Saw you in the Slow Food Documentary last night and wanted to thank you for the incredible work you are doing. Thank you!  


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