Alan Carle has been actively involved in the rare fruits, tropical flowers and landscape industries for the past 39 years. He has held a number of industry and Society positions during that time including founder and past President of the Rare Fruit Council of Australia, and President of the Heliconia Society International.
Alan has been a consultant to various Government and Private projects in the Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, Gabon and Tanzania in Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore, in Asia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Brasil  in Tropical America and various clients within warmer Australia.
His work has involved planning and design and implementation from beginning to end, and/or parts thereof, including the award winning 'Australia's Best Backyard'.

One significant project was the design and implementation of the new Ginger Garden within the famed and historic Singapore Botanic Garden. Alan took this project from an abandoned and closed up enclosure when it was opened rated the No. 1 favourite place for visitors within the overall Botanic Gardens.
Our consultancy (expertise) deals in practical land management issues, from soil erosion, water issues (including irrigation), visual appeal to interactive issues such as people movement, regeneration, environmental sustainability, usefulness (productivity) to actually selecting which plants are suitable for that specific environment, and client. 
Projects that we like to be involved with include unique designs, community gardens, sustainable mixed cropping systems, new and unusual crops, aesthetic and productive gardens and permaculture designs.

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